A Rest at the End of the Way

9 years ago

In the middle of the French Way, already in the old city of Santiago, there is a long tradition café recently reformed which has become one of the favourite places both for the citizens and the visitors of the city. Coming inside La Flor is like coming home.

Its architecture and location made it a necessary stop

With its delightfully nice vintage decoration and a bohemian and free-style hint, this café, placed at 25, Casas Reais, is like a second home for many people. There they go to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, or simply to have a drink at any time of the day or the night. And nobody feels disappointed, as La Flor’s offer is so varied and pleasant.

In the morning or the afternoon, its selection of coffees and teas stand out with so suggestive names such as Out of Africa, of roiboos kromland, Lady Chatterly’s Lover with valerian, lemon balm and citrus, Madame Bobary, with apple, hibiscus, strawberries and blackberry, Casablanca, out of green tea, peppermint and mint, or Lolita, red tea with fruits, among many others.

At lunch or supper time, you can enjoy whether a dish of assorted cold meats or cheeses or also elaborated salads, pasta, scrambled eggs or fried eggs with chips and ham; and desserts are not worse, we can mention chocolate coulant with ice cream, yogurt and berries cake, three chocolates cold cake, cheesecake or mousse with coffee liquor sauce.

After dinner, what can be better than a cocktail at your choice among the most exotic or traditional mojitos, caipirinhas, Cosmopolitan, Dairkiri or San Francisco. 

Group Menus and Catering

La Flor also allows you to make reservations for groups. Groups may choose between two different menus, but you can also order customize catering for any event. In order to make reservations, or merely to contact the people in charge of this establishment, you can call to this number: 981556344, or send an e-mail to

You can follow La Flor news through the social networks, whether through its Facebook page or in Flickr.

La Flor charms through its cosy atmosphere and its good service

Nearly 140 Years of History, Culture and Tranquility at the Café Casino

Yet it is a public café since 2002, Casino’s facilities date back to 1873. Its architecture and location, at the rúa do Vilar, have made this place a necessary stop for pilgrims and tourists.

This establishment cannot go unnoticed for anyone, as its façade and display windows announce the majesty of a unique hall. Open since 1873, the building of the Casino in Compostela is worthy not only due to is architectural aesthetics –with no central beams–, but also to the sculptures surrounding the room.

There are a total of 36 carvings making reference to different themes, games of chance, confessions etc. These carvings were made by the sculptor and cabinetmaker from Compostela Maximino Magariños (1869 – 1927), author of known altarpieces such as the one in Santa María la Mayor, in Potevedra, or the one in the Capilla de las Reliquias in Santiago’s cathedral.

The window area shows the emblems of Galician cities and provinces, and also those of the State. The chimney friezes contain emblems of moons, and others with five stars belong to the archbishop Alonso III Fonseca (1475-1534), one of the main forerunners of Compostela’s university.

It is in this captivating environment, which proudly keeps its characteristic aesthetics, where nowadays coffees, cocktails and aperitifs are elaborated. A quiet place to meet other people, to enjoy a peaceful moment in the middle of the touristic centre of Santiago, or merely to taste some of the rice, pasta, risotto or pizza dishes or any other delicious offer from its menu of desserts, milkshakes and iced drinks, which contains more than 30 lovely possibilities. 

Meeting Point since 1873

Long ago before it became a charming café, this place held Compostela’s aristocracy and bourgeoisie as well as its members, who enjoyed there a great sight of one of the main streets of the old town. The upper floor contained the Yellow Hall, now closed, where parties and balls were celebrated during Carnival, Holy Week, Easter and Ascension Day.

The Gentlemen Casino of Santiago hosted people like José Saramago or Valle-Inclán, who wrote there many of his grotesque works. Also Castelao made a drawing making references to the Casino, Cousas do Casino –Things about the Casino. Kings, actors and artists shared this place which nowadays continues being a common meeting point for Compostela’s citizens.

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